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Tender Category Update    5 Jun, 2016

A total redesign of the LG tender box category listing has been delivered to the site. This change added a vast number of new categories for suppliers to select when creating tender profile searches for their accounts.

Previously the LG tender box had 88 categories for suppliers to choose from when creating a tender profile search. The system has now been updated to reflect the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) listing. This brings the LG tender box in line with other tendering sites and give suppliers an accurate classification system with up to four hierarchical levels. 

In total there are approximately 84,000 line items in the UNSPSC listing, allowing suppliers to be both broader or more specific when selecting categories for a tender profile search. Suppliers are able to select a top level category or drill all the way down to a fourth level category. 


An example below is for the supply of cement. A top level category of ‘Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies’ could be selected, or a supplier could drill all the way down to the fourth level category ‘Cement’ if they wished to receive notifications for this category only.

102366 30000000 Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies 30110000 Concrete and cement and plaster 30111600 Cement and lime 30111601 Cement







Previous LG tender box categories have been mapped to their comparable top level match from the UNSPSC listing. This needed to be completed in order to assign all current, closed and awarded tenders and supplier profile searches on the site to their new UNSPSC category listing.

As this mapping could only be performed at a top level it is strongly advised that all suppliers check their new search profiles once the change has been applied and adjust their tender searches as required. As there is more depth to the UNSPSC listing, to match the current LG tender box category listing a 'best fit' approach was used. Both Councils and suppliers will be able to be more acurate with their selections moving forward, so once again it is advised that all suppliers review their Tender Profile Searches and update where necessary.

For further information on setting up searches for your account please refer to the Help topic, How do I add New Tender Email Notifications to my account?, after the change has been released to the site on the 14th of July.

For supplier reference a pdf titled Tender box category mapping to UNSPSC listing is located under the Help - Documents Library. This document contains a list of the current 88 LG tender box categories and the top level UNSPSC listing they have been mapped to. Where the 'best fit' match was located at a second, third or fourth level UNSPSC listing, this mapping process has been extended to show both suppliers and councils where the 'best fit' match lies under the top level listing. There is also an Excel version copy of this doucment attached to this news item for your reference.

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